What Is the Meaning of the Term Internet?

meaning-term-internet Credit: Plattform/Getty Images

The term Internet refers to a network of computers around the world that are interconnected. Businessdictionary.com defines the Internet, simply, as a means of linking a computer to another anywhere in the world using servers and routers. On the other hand, Webopedia.com describes the Internet as a global network linking millions of computers.

Modern communication relies heavily on the efficiency of Internet technologies. The Internet is ever-changing, thanks to rapidly evolving technology. The revolutionary power of the Internet has tremendous influence in the way man runs his day-to-day life. Unlike in the past, people can quickly communicate with one another from anywhere in the world because of the Internet. The Internet has turned the world into a global village, thus the term globalization. In spite of its complexity and immense relevance, the Internet is freely available to any computer user on the planet. That is, it is not owned by anyone or any organization. However, a number of organizations in different countries collaborate to offer diverse Internet services to millions of users around the globe. In summary, the Internet connects people around the world by simple clicks and keyboard strokes. It is perhaps the greatest breakthrough in the world of computing.