What Does It Mean When Verizon Texts You Saying Your Pix Account Has Been Inactive for 150 Days and to Go to Www.vzwpix.com Within 30 Days or Your Content Will Be Erased?

The Verizon multimedia messaging service is also known as Pix Place. Verizon automatically disables Pix Place accounts if the account is inactive for 180 days. As part of the process of disabling the account, all messages are deleted. Verizon automatically sends warning messages to users who have not logged in to their account for 150 days.

In addition to the 150-day reminder, Verizon sends additional reminders after 170 days and 180 days. If the user visits VZWPix.com and logs into his account before the 180-day period is over, the timer is reset and the account remains open for another 180 days. If the account is disabled, all of the content on that account is deleted and cannot be retrieved by the end user at a later date.

The warning messages are sent by Verizon free of charge using an automated system. There is no need to respond to the message. Verizon is offering users the opportunity to migrate their Pix Place accounts to the Verizon Cloud. Users who opt to do this temporarily have access to their data on both Pix Place and Verizon Cloud. However, Verizon recommends that users focus on the cloud service because Pix Place will eventually be discontinued.