What Does It Mean to Poke Someone on Facebook?


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Poking someone on Facebook is a way to get someone’s attention. It is also a quick way to interact with a friend on Facebook. Poking someone on Facebook is like saying hello.

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What Does It Mean to Poke Someone on Facebook?
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When sending a friend request online, one can poke the person as a way to confirm the identity of the person in question or to confirm a connection. Facebook is an online social media application where people can meet or keep in touch with friends. The networking site allows users to find connections with other people who have the same interests. It is also an entertainment site that links users to games, chat rooms and other applications.

The "poke," a content-free tool for getting a user's attention on Facebook, has had it's meaning debated since it was introduced at the inception of the social media website on Feb. 4, 2004. Context plays a large factor when interpreting the meaning of a specific poke.

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