What Math Skills Do the Games on CoolMath.com Cover?


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CoolMath.com features games that cover math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Other math games on Cool Math test logic, equations and business mathematics.

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"The Timernator" is a Cool Math game that tests addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Players set the clock and race against it to complete as many math problems as possible. The "Number Monster" games test the same basic math skills as "The Timernator."

Players wishing to test and develop their business math skills can play "Coffee Shop" or "Lemonade Stand," both games in which the player runs his own business. In both games, players track and purchase inventory, set prices, and monitor sales conditions to maximize profit. Players spend profit on upgrades in order to make even more profit. "Building Rush" is a similar business game, but involves running a construction company.

Games that test logic and equation skills include "Arithmetic Game," which requires players to assess a grid equation quickly and fill in the missing numbers, and "Make 24," in which players combine cards featuring operations and numbers in order to make the number 24. "Make 15" is similar to "Make 24," but has the player compete against the computer rather than beating his own time. "Kakuro" is a game that is similar to Sudoku or a crossword puzzle, requiring addition to fill in blanks.

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