What Math Resources Are Available From Raz-Kids?


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Math resources from Raz-Kids include "Miltie Math-head: Football Hero," "Miltie Math-head Takes the Mound," "Why Do I Care?," "Brad Needs a Budget" and "Double It!" Each book covers a different subject in math or emphasizes the importance of math as a young person becomes an adult.

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Football Hero places an emphasis on geometry and explores angles, arcs and distance. This book features a young man who is good at math and learns to apply that knowledge to being a good quarterback. "Takes the Mound" is a sequel to "Football Hero" and again deals with distance and arcs. In this story, the hero also learns humility. "Why Do I Care?" uses poems to teach the importance of learning subjects that are not necessarily fun, such as math.

Brad Needs a Budget explains the importance of budgeting wisely and planning finances. This book blends Brad's narrative with in-book math problems that the reader solves to determine how Brad can better budget his money. "Double It!" features the story of a girl who finds a box marked "Double It!" Items placed inside double, and when doubled items are placed inside, the total exponentially grows. This introduces students to the basic concept of multiplication as well as briefly touches on how multiplications can become exponential.

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