What Are Some Math Activities on IXL for Third Graders?

What Are Some Math Activities on IXL for Third Graders?

On the IXL Learning website, third graders may work with basic operations, or they may work with more advanced topics such as geometry and statistics. Overall, there are 25 different categories of activities.

IXL has sections set aside specifically for each grade level. The third-grade section contains categories such as Numbers and Comparing, Place Values, Addition, Subtraction and Understanding Multiplication. It also offer Multiplication, Multiplication- Skill Builders, Division, Division- Skill Builders and Mixed Operations. Additional section include Properties, Equations and Variables, Estimation and Rounding, Logical Reasoning, and Money, Time, Data and Graphs. Students can choose from other categories as well, such as Measurement, Geometry, Understand Fractions, Equivalent Fractions and Compare Fractions. Finally, the list includes Operations with Fractions, Decimals, and Probability and Statistics.

Each category has underneath it a list of roughly 10 to 20 separate multiple-choice questions. Each question pertain to it's category, but is a different type of question, such as a word problem or a puzzle. The question appears when scrolled over, but it must be clicked in order to be answered. Once solved, the answer is confirmed as either correct or incorrect.

If the answer is incorrect, the site shows the correct answer and gives an explanation containing a review of the question, as well as a walk-through of how to calculate the correct answer.

If the answer is correct, new questions of the same type continue to appear until one is answered incorrectly.