What Free Matchmaker Service Offers Online Chatting for Men and Women?

OkCupid is a free matchmaker service that offers online chatting for users. The service is available online at OkCupid.com. A mobile app version is available on iTunes for Apple device users or on the Google Play Store for Android device users.

OkCupid connects users with potential matches by having them answer a series of questions and suggesting users that have a high percentage of matching answers. Users reach out to potential matches by clicking the "Like" button or by messaging each other using the online chat function. Answering more questions leads to matches that are more compatible, as the possible percentage of matching answers increases.

The service supports matchmaking for all types of sexualities, gender identities and relationship configurations. OkCupid encourages users to choose modifiers for their identities and relationships, such as "gay," "straight," "pansexual" or "queer." The website matches people for short-term or long-term relationships as well as open relationships, friendship and casual encounters.

OkCupid is free-to-use with all major features accessible without paying. Paid features include the "Boost" service, which shows the user's profile to more potential matches. Users with paid A-List accounts can browse matches by selective criteria, including "Hotness," body type and by answers to specific questions (e.g. "How spicy do you like your spicy food?").