How Many Websites Have Wanna Get Away Flights?

As of 2015, Southwest Airlines is the only airline offering Wanna Get Away flights. Other airlines offer discounted airfares under different names, such as the Discount Den program from Frontier Airlines or the $9 Fare Club from Spirit Airlines.

Of the various types of airfares offered by Southwest Airlines, Wanna Get Away tickets are relatively inexpensive but include a number of restrictions. The discounts on these tickets can be considerable--well over half off the full price for a given ticket. As an illustration, tickets between Philadelphia and Orlando may run as low as $44 using a Wanna Get Away fare and as high as $491 for a full-priced Business Select fare, as of 2015.

While one may request a full refund of Anytime and Business Select fares, any money paid toward a Wanna Get Away ticket may only be used toward a different Southwest Airlines flight. Other restrictions involving standby travel fees also apply to these discounted fares.