How Many Steps Are Typically Required to Connect Two Monitors to One Computer?


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Setting up two monitors to one computer generally takes about four to five steps. If the computer doesn't have an extra VGA or DVI, install an AGP or PCI video card.

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To install a second monitor on a computer:

  1. Attach the second monitor
  2. Plug the second monitor into an open DVI port and restart the computer. If the computer doesn't have a DVI port, connect with a DVI-to-VGA adapter.

  3. Set up the monitor on Windows
  4. Once Windows starts, right-click on the desktop and select Properties. Select Display Properties, and then click the Settings tab.

  5. Select Dualview
  6. Click on Display, and then click on External Monitor. Select Extend my Windows Desktop onto this Monitor, and then select Identify.

  7. Arrange the desktop
  8. Drag the monitor icons to match them on the screen, and then select OK.

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