How Many Songs Can an 8GB IPhone Hold?


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An 8-gigabyte iPhone can hold about 1,300 songs. This assumes an average song length of 4 minutes and a bitrate of 128 kilobits per second. The true capacity of an 8-gigabyte iPhone is around 5 gigabytes because of the space that iOS 7 requires.

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Since song files can vary in length and bitrate, the actual number of songs an 8-gigabyte iPhone can store varies considerably. Apple iTunes defaults to a bitrate of 128 kilobits per second for music file storage, which corresponds to a little less than a megabyte per minute for songs; 5 gigabytes is equivalent to 5,000 megabytes. However, iTunes also allows users to store music at 192 and 256 kilobits per second, options that afford higher quality while sacrificing filesize compression, according to AppAdvice.

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