What Manufacturers Make Highly Rated Laptops?

What Manufacturers Make Highly Rated Laptops?

Laptopmag.com conducted a comprehensive survey of the laptop market in 2015, with Apple, Dell, HP and MSI offering the best overall ratings. Laptops in this survey were rated by hardware features such as performance, battery life and display quality, as well as features such as software availability, value, variety and tech support.

Apple is recognized for producing some of the highest-quality laptops on the market. The Apple MacBook line of laptops is consistently praised for its hardware performance and features, pre-loaded software and technical support. The most notable drawback of Apple laptops is their high price tag.

Dell is the third-most popular laptop brand, as of 2015, and is known for offering excellent value and variety with its laptops. Dell is also known for its constant innovation in laptops, such as with the high-performance Alienware line of gaming laptops.

HP scored well with its extensive selection of prices and styles in its laptops and for its excellent tech support. HP laptops have generally good ratings, especially for sound and overall design, with its display and tactile interface bringing average ratings.

MSI is a relative newcomer to the laptop market and specializes in high-end gaming laptops. They score extremely well for display, sound, tactile input and performance. MSI laptops feature high-quality displays and are the first to include a true mechanical keyboard in a laptop. MSI doesn't offer much variety in its laptops, and prices are typically higher than other brands.