How Do You Manually Remove the Trojan Horse Virus From a Computer?


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Once infected files have been identified, the Trojan Horse virus can be removed by starting the computer in safe mode and then going through the steps to delete files and folders. The registry is then edited to remove any reference to the infected file.

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In Windows, it is first necessary to disable the System Restore function. This can generally be done via the Control Panel. The remaining steps are straightforward.

  • The computer should be restarted, pressing F8 to enter Safe Mode
  • Then selecting Add or Remove Programs will allow the user to locate and delete the affected program files.
  • From the Start menu, Run should be selected and then REGEDIT typed in the box to edit the registry and delete any entries that refer to the infected file.

The computer should then be restarted in normal mode, taking care to reset the System Restore function.

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