What Manual Information Does Apple Offer on Its Website?

What Manual Information Does Apple Offer on Its Website?

Apple provides manuals for all of its current and past products on its support website, Support.Apple.com. The website offers different types of manuals, including full user guides, Essentials guides, quick start guides and safety guides. Apple's website also provides its manuals in foreign languages for international users.

Apple user guides include all of the information necessary to use each product. Each guide starts with an At a Glance section that provides an overview of the product. The Get Started section covers setup, Internet connections, general settings, and connecting the product to the user's Apple and iCloud accounts. The user guide also offers in-depth information about native apps and programs.

Apple Essentials guides are available for products with complex features, such as the iMac desktop computers. Essentials guides include information about the most important functions and activities, such as setting up the device and using the most common apps.

The Apple quick start guides offer simple, easy-to-follow instructions for setting up the device. Safety guides cover the warranty and regulatory information that users need to get the most from a device.

The Apple website also provides short topic-specific manuals. The iPhone 5 Finger Tips guide shows users how to use the most popular apps and buttons, while the MacBook Air Important Product Information Guide covers the physical features of the laptop.