How Do You Manage Multiple Online Accounts?


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The exact process for managing multiple online accounts depends on the nature of the account, with some services such as Google Accounts offering native support for multiple accounts. Sites such as Hootsuite.com and Buffer.com allow you to manage multiple accounts across different social media platforms, while Mail.com allows you to manage multiple email accounts.

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How Do You Manage Multiple Online Accounts?
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If you have multiple Google Accounts, such as several email address with Gmail or multiple YouTube channels across accounts, you can manage them by first selecting one account to act as your primary account. Visit each subsequent account, locate the section for designating authorized users, and add the primary account to this section. In terms of Gmail, you may also need to set up forwarding to transfer the emails to the main account, or simply use the Gmail account switching feature, as of 2015.

Both Hootsuite.com and Buffer.com allow you to create a free account from which you can manage multiple social media profiles. Each service limits the number of accounts you may add with free accounts.

Mail.com offers users the ability import the contents of multiple email address into a single location through the use of mail forwarding. After establishing the forwarding feature, you only need to log in to your Mail.com email account to see messages.

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