How Do You Make a Wireless Signal Booster?


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The Tin Can Method is a legitimate way to extend and boost a Wi-Fi signal. The method requires everyday items from around the home as well as tools and materials found at a hardware store.

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To build a Wi-Fi extender from cans, assemble two milo tins (or similar cans), an F-type chassis mount, a pigtail for F to Sma, a short piece of copper wire, tin snips, a can opener, a soldering iron, a drill and a drill bit. First, remove the top of one can and the bottom of the other. Once the top and bottom have been removed, cut out a strip that runs 10 millimeters across and 15 millimeters down from the can with its top removed. Once the can has been cut, push one can inside the other, and solder them together. The inside of the area where the cans were soldered together appears raised, but lightly hammering it takes care of the problem.

Solder the copper wire to the F-type chassis, and drill a hole in the can for the chassis to fit. Solder the chassis in place with the copper wire sticking up inside the can, and then fold either the removed top or bottom of one of the cans into a stand for the device to balance.

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