How Do You Make a Windows XP Boot Disk?


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A Windows XP Home boot disk can be created by copying the five files necessary to load the operating system onto blank media like a floppy disk drive or a flash drive. The rest of the operating system has to be already on the hard drive.

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To create a boot disc, the computer needs to be logged into an account with administrator privileges. To start, collect a blank piece of media, insert it into the drive and run the Format utility on it to remove any lingering data fragments. These can cause problems. After formatting the disc, it is ready to use.

Go to the root directory of the hard drive containing the operating system. To find the root directory, open command prompt by typing "cmd" in the Run box, then typing "set systemroot" at the prompt. This shows the root directory.

Remove the read-only, hidden and system attributes to ensure all files are displayed and can be copied. Then, select the files "Boot.ini," "NTLDR," "ntdetect.com," "bootsect.dos" and "Ntbootdd.sys" by holding the Ctrl key and left-clicking them. Copy these to the blank disc and restore the original attributes on the system folder. The new Windows XP boot disc is ready to use.

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