How Do You Make a Wi-Fi Antenna Booster?

How Do You Make a Wi-Fi Antenna Booster?

To make a Wi-Fi antenna booster, cut the base from a clean, empty aluminum drink can with the pull tab removed, then cut around the top of the can, leaving it connected by about an inch. Make a vertical slice up the side of the can and pull back to resemble a radar dish before placing upside down over the router with the antenna positioned through the hole, according to Digital Trends.

To make a Wi-Fi antenna booster, follow the steps below.

  1. Prepare drink can
  2. Clean an empty aluminum can with soapy warm water. Dry the can and remove the pull tab.

  3. Remove the base
  4. With a box cutter, cut horizontally around the base of the can where the parallel sides slope inwards. Avoid leaving jagged edges.

  5. Cut around the top
  6. Turn the can over and cut around the top where the sides begin to slope in. Leave the top connected to the can by an inch of metal, which should be on the opposite side to the can's hole.

  7. Cut the side
  8. On the opposite side to the inch of aluminum connecting the top to the rest of the can, make a vertical slice along the can's length. Then open out the can to resemble a radar dish.

  9. Attach to router
  10. Position this "radar dish" over the router, with the router's antenna positioned through the hole in the can's top, which has now become the base. Use tape to secure the rest of the aluminum to the router. The dish can now be turned to boost the Wi-Fi signal in the desired direction.