How Do You Make Wedding Name Cards Using Microsoft Word?

How Do You Make Wedding Name Cards Using Microsoft Word?

Make wedding name cards in Microsoft Word by using the "name and place cards" template available through the program. It has several templates from which to choose, which you can modify for personalization.

Begin by opening the File tab in Microsoft Word, selecting New and then clicking on the Cards button, which is on the top row of the pane of available templates. Then double-click on the folder icon for name and place cards. Look to find a desired template, or one that you can modify as desired, and double-click on it. Make sure the template contains the number of cards, usually eight or 10, to match the cardstock paper. A new window opens with the place cards aligned on the page.

The next step is to edit the cards, starting by clicking on the default name on the top left card. Double-click on the name, and then type in the desired name for the card. It is then possible to change the appearance of the font to better match the desired style.

To change the image, click on the default image and press Delete to remove it. Then it is possible to insert a desired image by clicking on the Insert tab. Click on the Picture button and find the desired image. Double-click on it to add it. You can resize it by pressing and holding the Shift key, and then dragging the corner. You can then copy and paste the image to the other cards on the template.

Adjust the color of the cards through the Page Color button, located under the Page Layout tab. Colored, patterned and textured backgrounds are located under the Fill Effects link.