How Do You Make a Virtual Zoo?


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People can make a virtual zoo online for free playing “Zoo Builder” on websites such as Learn4Good.com. In this game, players control a zoo manager and have to determine which attractions to include in the zoo. The goal of the game is to reach all of the requirements to beat all 15 levels.

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In each level, players have to reach a certain goal. On the first level, for instance, players have to earn $5,000 and upgrade the monkey enclosure to level three. They build shops and animal enclosures to earn money. Each attraction that the players build nets a certain amount of money. Before buying an attraction, they can view how much money the attraction earns per person, how many people the attraction can hold and how much it costs to build it.

Once the players meet the requirements to beat a level, they automatically go to the next level. Each level has more in-depth requirements than the previous level. The game keeps up with how many in-game days it takes the players to reach the requirements for the next level and how much money the players earn.

Players can only place as many buildings as the road allows. If they need to place additional buildings, they can upgrade the road. On the second level, for example, they have to build five buildings to reach the goal, but there are only spaces for three buildings. Players have to upgrade the road to complete the level.

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