How Do You Make a Spy Camera?

Make a spy camera by hiding a small camera or camera-equipped mobile phone inside an inconspicuous household object or by modifying a webcam to fit in one. Control wireless webcams and mobile phones remotely by connecting them to a Web server that can communicate between the controller and camera via a website interface or mobile application.

When choosing the type of device to use for a spy camera, consider whether you need to access a live feed from the camera or whether you can retrieve it at a later time. If you don't need a live feed, choose a camera with enough on-board or expandable storage capacity to hold several hours of footage at a time. A high-definition camera requires significantly more storage than low-resolution devices.

Achieve a live feed or remote camera control by using a wireless camera or mobile device connected to the home's wireless Internet network. Sign up for a service such as No-IP, and connect the device to a computer in the home with the wireless webcam software installed. Follow the instructions provided by the webcam streaming service to connect the camera to your account. Log into the webcam using the provided interface to access the live camera stream.