How Do You Make a Sony Handycam Into a Webcam?

To use the Sony Handycam as a webcam, connect the Handycam to a computer using a USB connector, and stream the cam's input instead of recording it. Webcam software is required on the computer's end to use an Internet connection to stream video to other computers. The camera must be plugged into an AC outlet.

  1. Download support software

    Download any updates to the computer's USB driver, and install prior to making any connection between the computer and the Handycam. Install a webcam program, or make certain that the program installed on the system is up-to-date with all current patches installed.

  2. Connect the Handycam to the computer

    Plug one end of the USB cable into the Handycam. If you do not know the location of the USB port in your model of Handycam, check the user's manual. Plug the other end of the USB cable into the computer's USB port.

  3. Set up the camera

    Turn on the camera's power by selecting the Camera or Tape mode using the Power dial. This allows access to the camcorder's touch screen. Select P-Menu on the touch screen, then select the Menu option. Scroll to Standard Set using the up and down arrows on the screen, then press the OK button. Scroll to USB Camera, and press OK. Finally, select the Stream option in the menu to complete the camera set up.

  4. Set up the webcam software

    Power-up the computer, and wait for the operating system to recognize the Handycam. Start the webcam software, and use the set-up menu provided to select the Handycam as the operative webcam and to set color and contrast levels. The Handycam is now ready to be used as a webcam.