How Do You Make a Slideshow?

How Do You Make a Slideshow?

How Do You Make a Slideshow?

To make a slideshow, launch a software, such as Smilebox or Windows Media Center, and import your photos into the software. You need a computer, slideshow software and ready-to-import photos.

  1. Install and launch the software

    Go to the website of your preferred slideshow software, and download it. Open the downloaded file to run the installer, and install the software. Launch the software. If you are using Windows Media Center, open the Start menu, and search for the software on the All Programs list.

  2. Create a new slideshow

    If you are using a software that offers additional features other than slideshows, navigate to its slideshow section, and create a new slideshow. Name the slideshow.

  3. Import your photos

    Determine the order in which you would like to display your photos. Click the Import Photos button to open your library, and navigate to the folder where the photos are saved. Select the first photo, and add it to the slideshow. Continue adding photos in the order of your choice until all of the photos appear in the slideshow. Do the same with an audio file if you would like to add music.

  4. Add a design

    If the software offers design features, scroll through and select a design that reflects the subject matter of your slideshow. Create and save your slideshow.