How Do I Make My Home Page?

How Do I Make My Home Page?

Change your homepage to by accessing your "Options" menu on the browser you are using. The process of changing your homepage can differ slightly depending on which Web browser you use.

  1. Open your Web browser

    Whether you use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox, you must open the Web browser to change the homepage.

  2. Find and open the Internet Option or Options menu

    From the toolbar or main menu of your browser, open the Internet Options or Options menu to access the homepage options.

  3. Type "" in the homepage field

    The name of this field differs depending on which Web browser you use.The Options or Internet Options menu contains a field where you can type the Web address you want to use as the homepage.

  4. Test the new homepage

    Exit the browser menu, and close the browser. Re-open the browser to test the homepage to make sure it opens properly.