How Do You Make a Recovery Disk for Windows 8.1?


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To make a recovery drive for Windows 8.1, the recovery partition from the PC needs to be copied onto a USB stick using the built-in recovery tool that comes pre-installed on the operating system. The recovery partition drive is typically between three and six gigabytes.

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Before creating a recovery drive for Windows 8.1, ensure that the USB stick being used has sufficient memory and contains no other data. If there is data on the USB stick, ensure it is backed up, as creating a recovery drive erases anything stored on the device. To begin, swipe right or move the mouse to the top right of the screen, and tap or click the search box. Enter "recovery drive," and then tap or click the link Create a Recovery Drive. Once the tool has opened, ensure that the Copy the Recovery Partition from the PC to the Recovery Drive option is selected, and click Next.

Insert the USB stick, and select it from the list of drives displayed. Tap or click the Create button, and allow the tool to copy the data to the device, This process can vary in time depending on the machine and amount of data being transferred. Once the process is complete, tap or click Finish if you want the recovery partition to remain on the PC, or tap or click Delete the Recovery Drive if you want to remove the recovery partition from the PC.

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