How Do You Make a Projector Screen?

How Do You Make a Projector Screen?

To make a projector screen, first decide the size, and gather your tools and materials. Next, assemble your frame, and secure the screen over it. Paint, nail and tap your trim, and finally, mount the screen on the wall.

  1. Build the frame

    First, determine your frame dimensions by adding together the viewable dimensions, the felt tape and the trim overhang to calculate the width and height of the frame. Next, cut two boards equal to the width and three boards seven inches shorter than the height. Use wood screws or your preferred joining method and assemble the frame. For added durability, you may apply a floor joist brace to each corner.

  2. Secure the screen

    Place your screen material over the frame. Begin to secure it at the top center using heavy-duty staples. Stretch the fabric to avoid wrinkles, making sure to rotate to opposite side as you go. Next, begin to staple around two to three inches on each side of the original staples. Continue to repeat this process on all sides until the screen is secure all the way around the frame.

  3. Finish the screen

    Cut and spray paint the back band trim. Once dry, nail it to the frame. Add the black felt tape on top of the screen. Finally, hang on the wall with picture hangers.