How Do I Make My Printer Wireless?


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Wireless printing requires a printer that has WiFi capabilities or a print server. Some printers connect to the network through an Ethernet cable that plugs in to the router. Users can also set up their own print servers, though this option is more complicated and can be more expensive in the long run, according to About.com.

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With the popularity of wireless printing on the rise, many companies like HP, Brother and Epson manufacture printers that have both a hard-wire and wireless networking capability. Some printers require a connection to the router with an Ethernet cable; others can be connected wirelessly to the home network through the computer's networking settings.

A second option, though it may be more complicated to new printer users, is to connect an older printer to a device called a Wireless Print Server (WPS). This device, connected to the printer via USB, allows for printers that do not have networking capabilities to be used by connecting to a router via WiFi or Ethernet cable.

The second option is preferable for those who already own a printer, since the price for a WPS can range from $10 to $150 or more; though it's important to note that there may not be a great deal of software/online support for older printers connected to a WPS. The first option is ideal for those who do not own a printer already. Buying a wireless printer provides both online functionality in one device and software/driver support for online features such as a built-in scanner or print software.

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