How Do You Make a PowerPoint Slide Show?

How Do You Make a PowerPoint Slide Show?

To create a PowerPoint presentation, start by opening the program and choosing a document type or theme when prompted. The theme that you choose is a slide design that is used throughout the presentation.

Each theme features matching color patterns, designs, special effects and more. After selecting a theme, click Create. The first slide is generally used as a title page and prompts the user to add a title. Click on the various boxes to insert text.

Next, add the additional slides that make up the slide show. To insert a new slide, click the New Slide option from the Home tab. From the Insert tab, pictures, charts and other visual aids may be added to slides.

You can also add speaker notes from the Notes pane at the bottom of the window. This space may be used to include helpful information for the speaker, but are not shown on the actual slide show. To save a presentation, click the Save option from the File tab. To print slides, find the Print option from the same tab.

To open and present the slide show, go to the Slide Show tab. You can start the presentation from the beginning or from a specific slide.

Microsoft offers a free course on how to create a PowerPoint slide show presentation. This course can be accessed at