How Do You Make a PowerPoint Presentation Online?

How Do You Make a PowerPoint Presentation Online?

To make a PowerPoint presentation online, log in to a valid Microsoft account, open PowerPoint Online and create a new blank presentation file. Use the same techniques used to create a traditional PowerPoint presentation to edit the online presentation.

Microsoft Office Online is an online version of the company's popular Office suite that is designed for collaborative work. It offers four programs free of charge, including popular office titles such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. A paid account through an Office 365 subscription unlocks additional program features and storage. The online applications do not need to be installed on a computer and allow multiple users to edit documents. To use Office Online to create a PowerPoint presentation, run through the following steps.

  1. Go to the Office home page
  2. Visit the official Microsoft Office website at

  3. Log in to a valid Microsoft account
  4. Although the PowerPoint feature in Office Online is available for free, users must still have a valid Microsoft account to access it.

  5. Select the PowerPoint application
  6. Click on the PowerPoint icon to open the online application.

  7. Create a new blank presentation
  8. Select a blank presentation to start a new document.

  9. Edit the presentation
  10. Users can edit the online presentation as they would a PowerPoint presentation on a computer.