How Do You Make a Podcast?


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To make a podcast, first choose a theme, and plan a schedule of topics to cover. Then, use recording equipment to record your podcast episodes. Edit them for length and content, convert them to the correct format, and upload the files to a website or podcast subscription service for distribution.

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  1. Choose a theme for your podcast

    Select a theme and a title for your podcast. Make a list of topics that you can cover in a single episode. Decide how often you would like to release your podcast, and create a schedule based on your topic list. Choose a distribution service, such as Apple iTunes or your own website, that is relevant to your topic.

  2. Buy recording equipment and editing software

    Invest in recording equipment that fits into your budget. At a minimum, purchase a quality microphone that connects to your phone, tablet or computer. Buy editing software, or use the audio editor that is built in to your existing computer system.

  3. Record and edit a podcast episode

    Connect your microphone to your system, and open your editing software. Create a new recording file, and record an episode. Edit the episode to fit your designated podcast length.

  4. Save and upload the podcast

    Export your podcast file into a format that is suitable for your chosen distribution system. Common formats include MP3 and M4A. Upload the podcast.

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