How Do I Make a Photo Montage?

make-photo-montage Credit: John Lund/Blend Images/Getty Images

Making a photo montage is as easy as using a free application to put photos and music together into a video. There are numerous free video editing programs for every platform including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

  1. Download a free video editor

    Download a free video editor to get started. Windows and Mac already have free programs installed in the form of Windows Movie Maker and iMovie respectively. There are other free options available on the Internet. Mobile users can choose from a variety of free apps, such as Splice, which works on both iOS and Android.

  2. Import photos to the movie editor

    Open the movie editor on the platform of choice and import photos for the photo montage. Depending on the editor, the import button may be "import," "add photos," or "add files."

  3. Import music

    Select "Import Music" and choose a song to go along with the montage. Keep in mind that if the montage is going online, it may not be legal to use some copyrighted music.

  4. Set photo times and transitions

    Most movie editors such as Splice and Windows Movie Maker offer a feature to set the photo time to a song. It is also possible to set the specific photo transition time in seconds. Using longer transitions allows viewers to see the photo better, while faster transitions allow more photos to fit into the montage. Select any desired photo transitions, such as photo fade, that are available in the app.

  5. Publish the montage

    Publish or save the montage to create a file with the video. Most movie editors also allow sharing to popular social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.