How Do You Make a Photo ID?


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To make a photo ID, copy the photo onto a clipboard using the right-click menu, create a new Paint image, and copy the photo onto the new image, dragging and resizing where needed. Enter the cardholder's information on the right margin in an easy-to-read font such as Times New Roman.

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Some photo manipulation programs allow for easier creation and editing of multiple ID cards. These programs may be easier to use than Paint due to Paint's simplistic features. For instance, Paint cannot have more than one file open at a time. This limitation is why a photo needs to be copied directly to a clipboard and onto a new file in order to be properly sized, as it is difficult to convert a photo directly onto an ID card.

Photo IDs containing personal information such as a name, address, business and occupation are ideal for identifying people at a large event. Some events, such as family gatherings, may benefit from having photo IDs that contain information on the wearer's direct relation to the other attendants. Other useful information for an ID includes the wearer's specific role, such as a security or managing role, which may only be associated with the event.

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