How Do You Make Your PC Run Faster?

How Do You Make Your PC Run Faster?

To speed up a PC, avoid multitasking, remove unused programs, remove malware, disable startup programs, defrag hard drives, and run disk cleanup. It can take four or five hours to complete all of these processes.

  1. Avoid multitasking

    Running multiple programs at once can slow down your computer. Close all unused programs, and only open them when necessary.

  2. Remove unnecessary programs

    Go to Control Panel, click on Programs and then Features. Scroll through the list of installed programs, and remove any programs that you no longer need. If you're not sure if a program is important, search for it online before deleting.

  3. Check for malware

    Restart your computer. When the Windows splash screen shows up, press F8. Select Safe Mode with Networking. Search for Malwarebytes in your Internet browser, download it, and run it. After it updates, run a full scan on the computer. Follow the program's directions to remove any threats.

  4. Disable unnecessary startup programs

    Some programs load automatically when the computer is turned on, using valuable resources. Click the Start button, and then go to Run. Type MSCONFIG, and press the Enter key. Deselect the programs on the startup list that you don't need to start automatically.

  5. Defrag the hard drives

    Defragmenting the hard drives takes leftover data fragments and consolidates them. Press the Start button, and search for Defrag. Run the Defrag program on all hard drives.

  6. Run Disk Cleanup

    Click Start, then go to All Programs. Click Accessories, then go to System Tools. Click the Disk Cleanup option, and follow the prompts to clean the disks.