How Do You Make Your Own Search Engine?


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The easiest way to create a website search engine is to use an existing online service, which do most of the work for the user. Search engine programs are available from Gigablast, Google, Bing, PicoSearch, FreeFind, FusionBot and many more.

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The user begins the process by signing up for an account and providing details about the website. The program then begins indexing the site and notifies the user when the process is done. The program stores the results in a database on the company server so the user doesn’t have to create one. The search engine company then provides an HTML code that the user can add to a web page. This code should be added to all of the pages that need a search function. Users can usually configure a search engine so that it matches the look of a website.

Most search engines provide a free version of their product, but free options have limits on which services are provided. If users want the search engine to be free of advertisements or if they need a customized result, they must purchase a program.

Several free programs that use Perl website engine scripts are available for users with programming knowledge. Boutell.com, Fluffy Search and Fluid Dynamics offer scripts that can be inserted into web pages.

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