How Do You Make Your Own Avatar?


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A number of websites, such as Loogix, FunnyWow, and Monograph allow users to create an avatar for use with any blog, website or forum. The majority of these websites simply require the user to upload a photograph that can then be freely edited.

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Most sites use photos uploaded by the user to create a unique avatar, but a number of avatar creation websites also use preset images or cartoons. Using these sites usually requires a few simple steps:

  1. Upload a photo or choose a base image
  2. Sites such as Makeup Photo or FunnyWow will prompt the user to upload a photo. To do this, click on the upload button then choose a preferred photo from the relevant folder on the computer. Double click on the photo to upload. Alternatively, sites with preset cartoon avatars (such as Messdudes) often consist of a number of selectable parts and normally require a base image to be chosen before adding the customization features.

  3. Add customization options
  4. Once the base photo or image has been chosen, most avatar creation sites have a number of customization options that are easily accessible at the sides of the screen or image. Choosing these applies a variety of effects or different styles to an image, and once the user is happy, the selected image can be downloaded for use with any website or blog that requires an avatar.

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