How Do You Make an Online Yearbook?

How Do You Make an Online Yearbook?

Design an online yearbook using the templates provided by Mixbook, Shutterfly and Lifetouch. Upload and arrange student and faculty photos, event images and written content to create hardcover yearbooks.

Mixbook allows students to select from specific themes or create unique yearbook pages. This website provides editing tools along with decorative elements including free images, page boarders and stickers. Students should place a yearbook order after reviewing all proof sheets. Mixbook also provides a digital copy of yearbooks to those listed on yearbook creation accounts.

Shutterfly offers four sizing options for yearbooks along with hard- and soft-cover options. Students create yearbooks using design templates, free and uploaded images of students, events, artwork, quotes and other decorative elements. Shutterfly also provides a yearbook to-do list, along with tips for creating unique yearbooks.

Lifetouch features two yearbook programs, a basic online yearbook program and an advanced online yearbook program. Students and faculty members create yearbooks online using editing, image placement and page creation tools. Lifetouch provides design tips, page templates and video instructions to create secondary or elementary school yearbooks.

Each website provides instructions for ordering and uploading completed yearbooks. To ensure yearbooks arrive at the beginning or end of the school year, students and faculty members should place yearbook orders within the time frame listed on these websites.