How Do You Make a New Class on

How Do You Make a New Class on

To make a new class on, teachers can sign in to their account, click on the appropriate button found on the "Add a class" screen and follow the instructions to enter information, such as class name, grade and student names. Teachers can use ClassDojo as a classroom management tool that can help with student behavior. Similarly, ClassDojo also makes it easier for teachers to communicate with parents, as noted by

In order to use ClassDojo, teachers need to sign up and create a teacher account. The sign-up page can also be used by parents, students and school staff to create their accounts. To make a new class, teachers can follow this simple process that takes a few minutes.

  1. Go to the site
  2. Navigate to the website.

  3. Go to account
  4. Teachers sign into their account by entering their name, email and password.

  5. Add a class
  6. To add the class, press on the "Add new class" button found on the new screen and select a name for the class and also include the grade level.

  7. Add students
  8. Teachers can then click on the "Create my class" file found on the page and type in each student's name or utilize the "Copy and Paste" buttons found at the top of the page.

  9. Set up feedback
  10. Follow the instructions on how to include a feedback section according to its type as well as how to communicate with both students and parents.

Once the new class is set up, teachers can use ClassDojo to click on an individual student names or a group of students to give them feedback. Additionally, teachers can use other features of this tool, such as the "Report" button to generate class reports for varying dates.