How Do You Make Moving Animations?


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In order to make a moving animation, you must first have access to a program capable of creating one. Photoshop, developed by Adobe, is capable of creating timeline animations that move. Exact Instructions for creating a frame animation in Photoshop vary depending upon the version of the program you have, but the fundamentals of the process remain the same. Layers are added one at a time to the Timeline and manipulated until the animation is completed.

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To begin the process of creating an animation in Photoshop, create a new document, and specify the Background and Size contents. The Color Mode, Dimensions, and Pixel Aspect Ratio may also need to be adjusted to fit your specific animation. Open the Timeline Panel, and click the arrow in the middle of the panel. Make sure the Timeline is in Create Video Timeline and Convert To Video Timeline mode. Next, adjust the Set Timeline Frame Rate to the specific duration and frame rate needed for your animation

Now add a layer to the Timeline. Layers function the same as pages in a flip book to create the animation, but they do not create animations on their own. They must be manipulated using layer masks or followed by additional layers with video content.

Layers can also be manipulated using options found in the Layer Properties tab. A layer's duration can then be trimmed in the Layer Duration Bar to specify when it appears in the animation. Once the animation is satisfactory, preview and save it in the desired file format.

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