How Do You Make a MovieStarPlanet Creation?

To create a MovieStarPlanet avatar and start making virtual movies, create a free account on, modify the look of your avatar, and access the Creative section to make a movie using your own avatar, extras or your friends’ avatars. After completing the movie, publish it on the website by sharing it with other MovieStarPlanet users. Although creating content on is free, as of 2015, the website includes a shop where users can buy virtual items and clothing.

Navigate to using a Web browser that features built-in Flash support, select your country from the drop-down menu, and click on the Play Now button. Choose a gender, modify the skin color, and select the desired hair style, hair color, facial features, clothing and footwear. After clicking OK, type the necessary information, including username and password, to use for your MovieStarPlanet account, select your date of birth, and click on the I Accept - Create My Account button.

Once your avatar is ready, access the Creative area, and select the New Movie option. Add movie characters, modify their clothing if necessary, and direct your scenes in the Movie Studio screen by manipulating the timeline bar at the bottom and specifying the characters’ actions. After completing the movie, click on the Send to Friends button. You earn StarCoins, the in-game virtual currency, and Fame, the in-game status indicator, when other users watch your movie, allowing you to spend them in the MovieStarPlanet shop to acquire new clothing, animations and accessories for your avatar.