How Do You Make a Laughing Smiley on Your Cell Phone?

Most cell phones that support laughing smiley face emoticons and other emoji symbols have a button on the cell phone's onscreen keyboard that displays a list of available icons to insert in a text message. Once this menu is displayed, tapping the appropriate icon inserts it into the message at the current cursor position.

On iOS devices, the emoji keyboard is accessed from the standard touch keyboard via a button with a large smiley face. Accessing emojis on Android devices can be more complex, as there are multiple keyboard applications that are not necessarily consistent between Android versions and different phone manufacturers. However, most Android keyboards that support emoji input feature an icon similar to the iOS smiley face. It may be necessary to scroll through several pages of the emoji keyboard to find the correct emoji since there are a wide variety of these symbols available to users, but most conventional smiley faces are located on the first page of these keyboards.

Not all cell phones can use emojis such as the laughing smiley face in text messages. Many older phones and flip phones do not support emoji messaging at all, and some Android phones only support emojis through third-party messaging software. Though it is possible to send and receive emojis using these applications, smiley faces and other symbols do not appear in standard text messages on these phones.