How Do I Make Labels Using Microsoft Word?


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To make labels using Microsoft Word, open the Labels dialog box from the Tools menu, type in the information, then choose your label template settings. Determine whether you want a full page of the same labels, or a few labels at a time.

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  1. Open the Labels dialog box

    Open Microsoft Word. Click on Tools, located in the menu bar next to Table. Scroll down, then click on Labels.

  2. Type in the label information

    In the blank box underneath the Address heading, type in the information you want on the labels. Click on the envelope icon to the right of the box to use addresses from your address book. Click on Font to change the type of font, the font size or to add effects.

  3. Check the label template settings

    Click on Options, then choose your printer settings and what type of label template you are using. If you are using a custom label template, carefully measure each label, then find the label from the list that closely matches the dimensions of your label. If none of the listed labels match yours, click on New Label to input the exact dimensions of your label. Click OK to continue.

  4. Determine the number of labels to print

    Under the Number of Labels heading, click Full Page of Same Label to print a large amount of the same label. For different labels, click the circle next to Single Label, then input the number of rows and columns of the same label that you want.

  5. Print or save the labels

    Click on Print to print your labels without saving them, ensuring that the labels are lined up correctly on the page. To save the labels before printing them, click OK on the Labels dialog box, then click Save from the File menu.

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