How Do You Make Labels Using Data in Excel?

How Do You Make Labels Using Data in Excel?

To make labels using data in Excel, export the data to Microsoft Word using the Mail Merge feature. From there the labels can be formatted and printed.

  1. Prepare the data in Excel
  2. The first step is preparing the data in Excel. This involves using descriptive column headers like first name, surname, street and city. Also, break the information down into several columns. For example, use three separate columns for title, first name and surname, instead of one column.

  3. Configure Mail Merge
  4. Now go to Microsoft Word and select Mailings then Start Mail Merge then Start Mail Merge again. Click Labels and select the required options depending on the printer and the size of label that is needed. Click OK when finished.

  5. Link the data
  6. Now click Select Recipients, and then click Use Existing List. In Select Data Source, locate the Excel spreadsheet that has the address data and click OK. Select the cell range of the address information and click OK.

  7. Configure and print
  8. The list of labels can now be configured. This is done using fields by going to the Mailings tab and selecting Write & Insert Fields. Once finished, click Preview Results to check the layout is correct. To print, go to the Mailings tab and then the Finish group. Select Finish & Merge and then finally click Print Documents.