How Do I Make a Kissing Smiley in a Text Message?

make-kissing-smiley-text-message Credit: Gareth Cattermole / Staff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Emoticons are used as shortcuts in text or online messages to express the emotion and the intent of the person sending the message. There are many ways to make a kiss in a text message. One of the most common symbols is a kissing smile emoticon and involves just four keystrokes.

  1. Get out your phone

    Go to your text messaging screen on your phone.

  2. Enter the recipient's number

    Enter the person's number that you desire to send the kissing face. If you already have the person's number programmed in your phone, just enter the person's name.

  3. Prepare your message

    Type whatever message you want to send. You can also opt to just send the kissing face only. Press the colon key, then the dash key, then the right parenthesis key and finally the asterisk key to create the kissing face.