How Do You Make a Kik?

To create a free Kik account, you have to download and install Kik from a recognized website or app store. Input a username, a password, a screen name, an email address, your birth date and a phone number in the specified boxes to complete the process.

  1. Download the Kik app

    Most operating systems offer the Kik app. Select your operating system, browse through its app store or website to find the Kik app, and click Install to start the download process.

  2. Complete the application form

    Enter your full name in the first two fields and your display name in the third field. Put an accessible email address in the fourth. For the fifth field, choose a secure password. Add a photo and complete the other requested details. Use the 'Register' button to submit your details.

  3. Establish your Kik account

    Sign into your Kik account via the Login page.