How Do You Make a Jesus Desktop Wallpaper?

How Do You Make a Jesus Desktop Wallpaper?

To make a Jesus desktop wallpaper, find one or more images of Jesus, import the images into a photo editing program, arrange the images, and save the file in the proper resolution for your monitor. This project requires a computer, images of Jesus and photo editing software.

Choose the image or images you want to put on your desktop wallpaper. High-resolution images are ideal, especially for use on large monitors. Download the files. Open a photo editing program, and import the images. Consult the program's help menu or user guide if you do not know how to import files.

Edit and arrange the images to suit your taste, and add any text or filters you wish to use. When you are satisfied with your wallpaper, save the file. This protects against data loss, but the wallpaper is not yet ready to use. Keep the file open.

Navigate to your desktop and right-click on it. This opens a drop-down menu. Select Properties, and click the Display tab to reveal your monitor resolution settings. Write down the resolution.

Return to the photo editing program and change the file resolution to fit your monitor. In most photo editing programs this option appears on the Image menu. Consult the Help menu if necessary. Save the file after you adjust the resolution. Your wallpaper is now ready to use.