How Do You Make Japanese Text Faces?


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Using a computer or mobile device, a person can make Japanese text faces, or emoticons, with the symbol, letter and number keys on a standard Western keyboard. For example, (^_^') contains six symbol characters and means nervous or embarrassed.

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How Do You Make Japanese Text Faces?
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Other simple emoticons include (>_<) or (>_<)> for troubled, (';') for baby, (-_-)zzz for sleeping, (^_-) for wink, ((+_+)) or (?_?) for confused, (=_=) for tired, ('_') or (;_;) for sad or crying, (^0_0^) for eyeglasses and m(._.)m for apologizing. Emoticons for laughter include >^_^< and (#^.^#), while (*^0^*) expresses excitement. One clever emoticon is ((d[-_-]b)) to represent someone wearing headphones.

Some emoticons represent animals or other creatures. For example, (=^.^=) and =^_^= are cats, (**)~ is a tadpole, <*)) >=< is a fish, ~>*)~~~ is a snake and ~*_*~ is a bat.

More complex emoticons are created with special symbol characters. Instead of using keyboard characters, these emoticons use mathematical symbols and characters from languages other than English. These special symbols can be inserted using combinations of keys. For example, holding down the Alt key while typing "0176" on the numeric keypad inserts a degree symbol. This symbol can be used to create the emoticons (°.°') for confused, °o° for surprised and o0°0o for bubbles.

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