How Do I Make ITunes My Default Music Player?

How Do I Make ITunes My Default Music Player?

If you have a Mac computer, iTunes is already your default music player. If you have a PC that runs Windows, you can set iTunes as your default music player by using the Set Program Access and Defaults program, but the preferred method is to configure your iTunes preferences.

  1. Locate and open iTunes

    Using the mouse, navigate to and click the Start button located on the bottom left of your computer screen, and a list of programs appears. Navigate to the iTunes program and double-click it. A picture of a CD and music note represents the iTunes program. After double-clicking the iTunes program, the player opens.

  2. Locate and select the Preferences menu

    When your iTunes music player is open, a menu of iTunes options appears across the top of your screen. Using your mouse, double-click on the second option, which is Edit, and, in the resulting menu of options, double-click on Preferences.

  3. Locate and select the General tab

    From the Preferences menu, use the mouse to locate and double click on the Advanced button, which is represented by a gear. A menu of more options should appear. Double-click on the General tab.

  4. Make iTunes your default music player

    From the General tab, navigate to and double-click the Use iTunes as the Default Player for All Audio Files option. Clicking on this option sets iTunes as your default music player.