How Do You Make International Calls From Work?


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To make an international call from work, enter the International Direct Dialing Number of your country, followed by the country code and then the full number you want to call. If your workplace has an external dialing code for an outside line, enter this code first.

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The International Direct Dialing Number varies depending on the country from which the call is being made. It signals that the caller wants to make an international call and that the next numbers are the country code. In the United States, the IDD is 011. In some cases, the IDD varies between phone carriers and types of phone service.

After the IDD, the code of the recipient country should be dialed. Unlike the IDD, country codes are the same around the world. Countries or regions are each assigned a specific code, which is dialed after the IDD. The United States and Canada, for example, has a country code of 1, while the UK has a country code of 44.

After the country code has been entered, the full number including the area code can be dialed. Some small countries do not require an area code, but most countries have a code for identifying regions.

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