How Do You Make International Calls Using Nonoh?

How Do You Make International Calls Using Nonoh?

Nonoh is an application that connects users from all around the world for relatively little cost and can be connected to by a mobile phone, computer or landline. The application can be downloaded onto the hardware system that will use it, such as a smartphone and computer, or used with a land line through its website.

Although there are separate applications for each device that uses Nonoh, the procedure to connect the phones is relatively the same. Use the following instructions to make an international phone call using Nonoh.

  1. Enter the application prompt
  2. Each device utilizes a different application prompt for Nonoh. Either download the service by visiting the device's relevant application store or enter the prompt on the Nonoh website.

  3. Type in the numbers
  4. Choose the locations of the phone numbers and type in both of the numbers that will be connected. This program works by connecting to an unused phone line and redirecting that phone line to the other person, thereby making international calls cheap.

  5. Press the call button
  6. Press the call button and wait. Nonoh will then call the mobile phone that is selected as the first number. When the phone is answered, the call will then be redirected to the second number.

It is important to note that although the beginning promotion of Nonoh is based on free days, once it is over, the company will begin charging a fee per minute used. This fee varies according to where the calls may be directed as of 2015.