How Do You Make International Calls on MagicJack?


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To make international calls on magicJack, register with magicJack, obtain the USB device, and take the device when going outside the United States. Connect the USB device to a home phone and a computer or alternatively to a home phone and high-speed modem to make the calls.

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To register with magicJack, access the official website of the company, and pay a nominal amount during registration. Registering with magicJack provides you with a U.S. phone number and a small USB device. Use this device when outside the United States to make international calls for free.

To do this, connect the Ethernet cord into the Internet port, and connect the home phone into the phone port on the USB device. Connect the power adapter to the device, and plug it into a power outlet. Alternatively, connect the home phone into the phone port of the USB device, insert the USB extension cord, and plug the device into the USB port of a computer. Dial the number, and converse with the other person at no charge.

MagicJack works through Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP, which permits users to make local and international calls through an Internet connection. The calls are made and received via a computer and telephone. The USB device can also be sent to someone else living outside the United States. You can then dial the number as if making a local call and talk to that individual for free.

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