How Do You Make a Hyperlink?


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To make a hyperlink in Microsoft Word, highlight the text, right-click your mouse, select Hyperlink, insert the hyperlink, then click the OK button. This process takes less than one minute.

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  1. Highlight the text

    Open Microsoft Word, click near the text you wish to link from, press and hold the left button of your mouse, then move the cursor over the text to highlight it. When the text has been highlighted, it is covered by a translucent blue layer.

  2. Select the Hyperlink option

    On the highlighted text, right-click your mouse to open a shortcut menu. Scroll down the menu, and click on the Hyperlink option to open the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.

  3. Insert the hyperlink

    Copy the link from your browser, then paste it in the blank space next to Address. Make sure the link begins with “http://” before pasting it in the blank space. Click the OK button to activate the hyperlink.

  4. Confirm that the hyperlink is active

    If the hyperlink has been successfully inserted, the highlighted text turns blue. Move your cursor to the highlighted text, then right-click on it to open a shortcut menu. Click Open Hyperlink on the new menu, and then wait for a few seconds. The hyperlink should open in your browser.

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